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What if the photon-ST unit, ɣ=ST, was responsible for the fundamental mechanics of lightspeed and space-time, and when enhanced to a higher resonate state forms the graviton, but when enhanced to a higher symmetry state, forms the perfectly symmetrical, fully multi-potential Higgs Boson that may immediately decay…deconstructing back either to its two photons or re-configured into any one of the possible massive ST units that its energy signature allows?

What if the Conservation of *Energy were dependent on the Conservation of Lightspeed, itself dependent upon the Conservation of SpaceTime…would not the dark matter and dark energy manifestations really be simply a consequence of these Conservation Laws?

Viewing Notes: Within "The Movie Script" section, CLICK the Blue Boxes in order. There are 50 short videos in the a,b,c and/or 1,2,3,... boxes along the way.Click them in order to follow text with video.
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CORRECTION~~~IMPORTANT NOTE~~~ The “Movies” have a labeling error. Within the various videos, the “+” and “-” labels for the horizontal (AV) axis were mistakenly transposed - reversed - from their correct position. The should read as: “-” LEFT, and “+” RIGHT on the horizontal (AV) axis. Please consult the text, images and references to see the correct version labeling of the horizontal (AV) axis.

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LightspeedST: The Complete New Media project (HOME)

LightspeedST: The Complete New Media project (HOME)

LightspeedST: The Complete New Media project (HOME)

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