~ LeapFrogging ODOU @ The Speed of Light ~

A synthesis of Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity (the latter a.k.a. Gravitation)  and   Quantum Mechanics (a.k.a. The Standard Model) ...  bridged  by the granular treatment of space and time formed locally in discreet ST quanta traveling at lightspeed.

What started out as some 20-odd “what if…” questions about the relationship between lightspeed and space-time (ST) led, not just to 20-odd hypothetical answers, but in addition, to a survey overview of the entire context that such answers might be found.

This, of course, meant we must have a cast of “players” and the “rules” of the play.

With the makings of a simplified story “plot”… energized by the dynamical “subplot” engines of passion and impulse … we have our script to “LightspeedST: The Movie.”

Adding a summary “conclusion,” a list of “links and references,” and, a whole separate appendix on those devilish quarks and their spinor rotations (“Quark Portraits”), pretty much completes the picture.

Yes…but did we mention it was a motion picture…well, sort of…with its 50 individual video clips presented along the way!

Pulling together works developed over nearly 30 years, it is sincerely wished that you may enjoy…no matter what level of expertise you bring or layer of submersion you allow…a brighter day, hereafter.

~Reginald Brooks,