M E T A M O R P H O S I S:    T h e   M o v i e
~ 3 States of Being ~ Past ~ Present ~ Future ~
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Metamorphosis: 3 States of Being: Past-Present-Future from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

The marble stone sculpture "Metamorphosis: 3 States Of Being: Past-Present-Future" (2014) is formed of and into a relatively stable form of simply marble and ink. Its thematic PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE conceptualization is not of evolution, but of metamorphosis. The volcanic rocky past, amongst the myriad of possible transformations, brings forth the mythology of our human form — female/male.

The future metamorphosis is what we want to see!

This recently completed work craves to be cuddled and selectively revealed by light and dark.

Einstein said the distinction between the past-present-future was an illusion.

That distinction depends on who (or what) is doing the observing, and, when and where are they. He meant, of course, that there is no ABSOLUTE distinction. RELATIVE distinctions based on our biased, prejudiced position(s) on the other hand, give us ample opportunity to see time — and the corresponding space — as past-present-future parcels.

In the strictest sense, the past is everything before-, and the future all that happens after-, right now!

In the short view, looking in the mirror — into the mirror, or on the mirror — is looking at the past, not "now." (More on now later.) It's not instantaneous. The light reflecting off your gorgeous face had to travel to reach your eyes. Same for the Cosmos.

In the long view, you might see the residual fish scales morphing into isolated hair follicles surrounded by acres of luxuriously sculpted glowing skin — the smoothing of the rocks, if you will.

So all we ever really "know" is the past — and, of course, the future!

The future is the projection of our dreams, desires and wants — our imaginations. Aside from the trappings of power and wealth, what we really, mostly want — aside from immortality and beautification of form — is the full realization of the potential of "self" within the larger context of it all. Who the hell am I?

In the meantime, the painted, sculpted and draped body will give credo to our very existence!

Prediction: Google Glass will eventually allow the instantaneous, digital morphologic transformation of the person in front of you to whatever your heart desires! An audio version will follow.

"Now" is the crisis point where past and future meet. It is the excitement!

marble with ink sculpture Reginald Brooks
32" x 18 "x 10"
2014, Reginald Brooks

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