H H Y S M F:    T h e   M o v i e
~ a work in progress ~
~Your sFace or Mine? Anonymity (2013)~

HHYSMFweb from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

In some ways, these works, as well as the recent “METAMORPHOSIS: Three States of Being” sculpture, are about the same thing — becoming, accepting and loving oneself and others for who and what they are. “Metamorphosis”, a work in a slow medium (marble) engages the viewer into the transformations of time and space — of evolution, of becoming. (https://vimeo.com/106227130)


In 2004, “Your sFace or Mine?”, a new media net art project was presented, centered around the concept of cloning and identity. http://www.brooksdesign-ps.net/Reginald_Brooks/Code/Html/5face/netart6.htm

2013, saw the 1st update as “Your sFace or Mine, Anonymity”, in which the broader acceptance of “individual” was first and foremost. http://www.brooksdesign-ps.net/Reginald_Brooks/Code/Html/5face/netart15.htm

In the current work, Update 2, “Your sFace or Mine?” has morphed into “HHYSMF=Honey, Have You Seen My Face?” in which the even broader concepts of acceptance of the “individual” within the broader construct of the “social fabric” of our times has become the enlightenment issue of our times! This work is still in progress as the 200+ images and videos are incorporated into an interactive digital picture frame (the frame, itself, embedded within a walnut and copper sculpture form). The original digital form of "Your sFace or Mine?" has been updated with imagery made from mostly "single-line" digital drawings/paintings made with the Musical Painting Pro ios app on an ipad over some 12 months of nearly daily postings to Tumblr (http://rbrooksdesign.tumblr.com/archive). The app also records the drawing/painting process and these unfoldings in time have been included. More recently, the fabulous Diptic app has been utilized to custom collage some of the works. (Note: no affiliation with either app or company.) The slower work in marble is contrasted with the ever-changing dynamic of the modern life.

HHYSMF (2016) will be presented in several forms. As mentioned above, one will be in the sculpture, the other will be online. A webpage, similar to the 2004 & 2013 “Your sFace or Mine?” works will be created to bring the total experience to all with digital access. In the meantime, this little movie of the “work in progress” (HHYSMF+))that complements the other work in progress movie “HHYSMFweb” that you might want to check out!

All soundtracks are original.

Thanks for viewing!

~Reginald Brooks

HHYSMF+ from Reginald Brooks on Vimeo.

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