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The language of visual art is accessible to most. The language of science is mathematics and has become inaccessible to most. We live in interesting times in which much of the most advanced and imaginative thought about our universe...about the very space and time dimensions...indeed about the very notion of dimension itself...is dangled in front of us as metaphor, but ultimately invisible to all but a few well versed in the language of mathematics.

If language is the embodiment, the mirror, of who we are as sentient beings, then we need a language which bridges our divides (be it right brain-left brain, east or west) and brings together our innate sensibilities of the visual-physical, musical-mathematical and verbal-text based sensibilities.

Such language will require a maximum simplification, a further distillation of universally accepted ideas of simple colored geometry combined with elementary notions of mathematics to break us through the hour-glass bottleneck...expanding out to realize the full richness of this other side. And this new language is accessible to all. Once past the initial pain, the simplicity and joy of relating the simple dimensions of a colored square to the multi-dimensions of a rich aggregate of multi-colored rectangles will amaze the child in you. Realizing that this new visual language is an accessible, working, hands-on metaphor for the entire universe will amaze the child in all of us. Enter!      
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